How to position widget

Where is it

  1. Go to Style and Settings page.
  2. Choose which widget you want position, Home Page Widget or Product Page Widget.
    • Home Page Widget: Widget for looks showing on your home page.
    • Product Page Widget: Widget for looks showing on each product page.
  3. Widget Position Setting section is where you set up position of look widget.

Position widget

  1. We use CSS Selector to specify the position of look widge. So you can either:
    • Click CSS Selector Picker to launch our picker for choosing the position on UI.
    • If you have technical knowledge regarding CSS selector, you can manually fill in CSS selector string.
    • Direction determine your widget will be inserted Before or After element specified.
  2. CSS Selector Picker:
    1. Purple box showing which element is specified. Move around your mouse to find the best one.
    2. Keep in mind the Direction will determine widget going to be inserted before or after it.
    3. Click the element. Popup will close and fill in CSS selector string for you.
  3. Click Save. Changes will be effective immediately.
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