How to customize style

Where is it

  1. Go to Style and Settings page.
  2. Choose which widget you want to customize style for, Home Page Widget or Product Page Widget.
    • Home Page Widget: Widget for looks showing on your home page.
    • Product Page Widget: Widget for looks showing on each product page.
  3. Click Customize Widget Style.


Customizing style

You can customers all the settings regarding look widget, including title, sub title, template of look, text color, margin...etc.
To play around, follow those steps:

  1. Right side is previewing section.
  2. Left side contains all options for you to twist.
    • You can switch over Desktop or Mobile. Keep in mind that desktop and mobile having their own respective style setting.
    • Load looks to preview: Choose looks to preview. This is only for previewing style. It wouldn't enable, disable or change status of look widget.
    • WIDGET SETTING: Scroll down you can see all available widget settings and templates. Pick a favorable template and start play around the style!
  3. Template.
    • Each template has different style settings. Scroll down to see all of them.
    • You can adjust colors, font size, font weight, ...etc to polish style of look widget for your brand.
    • Message us whenever you want something adjustable but it's not currently available.
  4. Click Save. Changes will be effective immediately.
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