How to create and manage looks

Where is it

  1. Go to Look page.


What you can do here:

  1. Create a new look by clicking Create New button.
  2. Edit an existing look by clicking its Edit button.
  3. Delete an existing look by clicking its Delete button.


Create and edit looks

Click Create New button to go to look creating page.

Let's do it step by step.

1. Choose a widget to preview

By specifying which widget, you can preview look with the style of that specified widget.
This is only for preview. If you want to customize style, please go to Style and Settings page. For more detail: How to customize style.

2. Look Name

Name your new look. This name is for internal use only, it won't be shown to your customers.

3. Look Image

Upload image for your new look. The max size of image is 5MB.

4. Products in Look

Add products which you want to tag in the look. You must set Mark to tag each product in the look by clicking Set Mark button.
Let's set the mark for the sneaker.

After clicking Set Mark button, a popup with look image shows up. Then all you need to do is click where you want to tag the product.
Click the snearker in the look to tag it.

Once you set the mark, click Apply.

Awesome! Our sneaker is tagged in the look as following.

5. Preview Section

Right side is preview section. You can switch between desktop and mobile by clicking icons on top.

6. Save the look

Once everything is setup, click Save to save this new look. Congratulations, you just create a beautiful look!

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